Adam's Poker Table Plans

A 44 page, copyrighted highly detailed instruction manual in  PDF format  that contains plans for an 8-person or 10-person Texas Holdem poker table that has large cupholders, a wood racetrack, a seemless padded rail, and a padded and felted top (8-person table is pictured but the plans walk you through options for either an 8 or 10-person table). The following is included:

  • A complete list of tools needed, and options if you don't have those tools available
  • A complete list of materials needed
  • A copyrighted instruction manual with 44 pages and more than 50 high-resolution photos and technical drawings, and step-by-step instructions on how to build this table, cut by cut
  • A checklist at the end of each section telling you what you should have completed in that section and where you are at in the process
  • Notes, tips, tricks and warnings on how to avoid mistakes, save money on tools and materials, and get the best quality table for your buck
  • Options for building an 8-person or 10-person table
  • Options for folding legs and handles for easy carrying and storage
  • Large cupholders that will fit bottles, beer cups, or jumbo cups, and can be removed for cleaning
  • Advice on what type of foam and felt to buy so that if you spill liquid on your table it will not soak in
  • Email me any questions you have during the building process and I will be glad to give advice and answer questions

These are by far the most detailed and easy to understand plans on the internet. I have purchased other plans and they don't even compare. I would be very wary of someone who thinks they can tell you how to build a table in less than 20 pages, or someone who won't even show you a picture of the final product in their listing!! I have a background in woodworking and I write instruction manuals for a living, so I guarantee this document will be easy to understand and follow, even for those who have not done any woodworking before! Other vendors charge the same price for HALF THE PAGES!! Many have even "borrowed" very liberally from my listing description which tells me that I'm doing something right. Don't be fooled!! I provide much more detail, which equals less guesswork on your part. I tell you everything you need to know!

This is a great table that has provided a lot of enjoyment for my regular game. It can be built in your home in a weekend for less than what it would cost to buy any of a number of folding poker tables that are nowhere near the quality of this table. You can even use my plans to build and sell tables!!